My name is Heidi Bradford.

I help women with PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder) to feel better so they can enjoy their work and family more.

Living well

with PMDD

is possible.

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Discovering I had PMDD was scary. It also ended up leading to immense peace.

In early 2021, I discovered that I had PMDD: Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. This disorder shows up as severe PMS. You feel like two different people. Person 1 is confident and feels “normal.” Person 2 feels overwhelmed, sad, doubts herself, and thinks she can’t handle life.

Until I learned about PMDD, I did not make the connection that Person 2 showed up the week before my period and for a few days during my period. I just thought I was crazy.

For me, it was a blessing to learn I had PMDD because I finally understood what was going on with me.

Since then, I have tried life with medicine, without medicine, taking supplements, not taking supplements, changing my lifestyle, getting coached, and working through things myself.

I have created a fulfilling life full of fun, love, purpose, and emotional stability.

And now I want to help other women do the same.

I’ll help you get your symptoms under control so you can focus on your relationships.

You are unique.

PMDD is a unique disorder.

For these reasons, I offer private one-on-one coaching.

Together we can tackle any hardship you are having.

Together we can make plans for you to accomplish your hopes and dreams.

All of this will be done through the lens of you having PMDD.

I get it. I know you. I see you. I will help you.

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Inner peace and balance

I’m a good fit for you if you want a coach...

  • That experiences PMDD and can relate with you.

  • That is compassionate and a good listener.

  • That completed a rigorous life coaching certification.

  • That has 2+ years of coaching experience.

  • That has served more than 40 clients.

  • That has 110+ hours of coaching experience.

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